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April 2013

MOVIES- Less Slapstick Please Scary Movie 5

Scary Movie 5

It has been 7 years since Scary Movie 4 and a lot has changed in the franchise. No more Anna Faris, no Brenda and no Leslie Nielsen. Charlie Sheen does return briefly and Simon Rex plays a lead with no mention to the character he played in the previous films. There are a large array of cameos in this film and the majority of the actors have had or been threatened with jail time. One of which was Lindsay Lohan. She plays herself and I liked her scene because of how flippant she is about making fun of herself. It is a part she has played countless times now (a judge on Glee). It is sad that Lindsay can only stretch her acting abilities to play herself these days.

Originally the Scary Movie franchises focused on classic horror films like Scream, The Ring, The Haunting and the list goes on… This film for some reason spoofs Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Black Swan and from the poster Ted (Although I don’t remember him being in the movie). I prefer the plot concentrating on spoofing horror films rather than making fun of celebrities/non horror films. It just comes across like an extended episode of SNL. Just seems like lazy writing. There are plenty of scary movies in the 7 years they could have used. 

The plot is very weak. I know it is a parody film and it isn’t supposed to make sense but this tried to have ongoing storyline and I wasn’t following. If you look closely at the actors’ lips at certain points during the film the audio doesn’t match up AT ALL!! I am taking a wild guess here but I am assuming writers realized post production that the story didn’t make sense and tried to piece it together using dubbing. Specifically around the cabin/book plot??

Molly Shannon stole the spotlight in this film in my opinion, the whole bathroom scene had me in the fits of laughter. Although she had a small part she owned that part.  She should have been used a lot more same goes for the character of Kendra. Ashley Tisdale is obviously trying to shed away the skin of Sharpay from High School Musical by appearing in this film. It would be in my opinion her non children friendly role. I think she was funny but she seems a little uncomfortable. Maybe she was over-thinking how this would affect her younger fans.

If you haven’t seen any kind of spoof movie this will make you laugh, otherwise this will seem like a weak revision of a template overused by many other spoof films.


MOVIES- Dark Skies

Felicity is back!!! This is the first major film starring the former curly headed brooding teen. With links to Insidious and Sinister this film was bound to pack a punch or two. The film centres on a suburban family dealing with the horror that is the recession- not only that but aliens have been visiting their home while they sleep.

Sounds promising but unfortunately it ends in a bigger disaster than Felicity deciding to cut her hair. The scares are minimal but more could have been possible. In these kinds of films the scares get more frequent as it progresses, unfortunately for some reason lazily took over. The scares slumped mid way through. It had great potential to provide some crazy scary moments!!! What is more scarier than seeing an alien standing over your bed??

If you like films that have strong potential with a few jumpy moments and a disappointing ending then check out Dark Skies.

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