This movie just reminded me of an episode of SNL. The different scenes don’t relate to each other at all, some of them aren’t that funny and they mostly rely on celebrity cameos to get people to watch.
The overall plot just lacked effort. There were plenty of ways to present these short stories together in a funny and original way, their presentation however was very sloppy. It didn’t give the film a logical conclusion and just made me wonder what the actual fuck had I just watched.
My favourite stories were the blind date with Halle Berry and the home school skit with Naomi Watts. Once they are over you can pretty much leave the cinema as many did. All the stories should have merged more, it was definitely possible and would have made the film seem alot more whole. With characters reappearing every now and again it would have felt less disjointed. Once a skit was over you never see them again which was a let down for audience members hoping to see alot of their favourite actors. The cast is crazy jam packed – Richard Gere, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman and Kristen Bell to name a few.
I would suggest renting this on dvd and fast forwarding to your favourite actors. You really won’t miss much.