If you’re bored of looking for a date on a night out, looking for love on national television seems like the next logical step to take. Right??? Enter the Bachelor, the show that brings together a hot stud with 20 women desperate for love.
The show attracts the crazies. Something to be noted is the contestants have clearly been stalking the Bachelor before they actually meet him on the show “Oh the bachelor is gonna be Sean, that is perfect I see myself marrying and having kids with him.” Such a sane statement. I am not blaming the women they are also being egged on by the host. I am sure constantly being told that Sean sees his wife among this crowd of women and is sure to propose doesn’t help the situation.
I love the concept and the drama that ensues but seriously why on earth would you want to be with a guy who is dating 20 other people? I feel like I am watching Sister Wives half the time and that the cops are going to turn up and arrest him for polygamy.
Another issue I have with the show is the lack of success rate with black people on the show. It is like a horror film and we know that they won’t survive to the end. In the latest season the issue was brought up but Sean swears he doesn’t see colour!! But the black girls end up not seeing roses and are getting their asses thrown home.
Otherwise if you like beautiful successful women go bat shit crazy for a shag then tune in. I don’t think it is realistic to think you will find love on this show. Of course you will form a relationship with somebody when they are treating you to trips abroad, there is also such a strong emphasis put on everyone to impress and woo. But when the show is over and life sets in how will they know they are compatible.