I know that Damages is over and ran for five seasons but I don’t think enough people have embraced it. I am taking it upon myself to promote the brilliance of this show. First of all Glenn Close, she portrays a powerful bitch lawyer who drinks Burbon while bringing down corrupt rich men. Every fibre of my being believes that somehow Glenn is Patty and we have been watching her reality show- that is how great Glenn is (I am currently fangirling).
Have you watched Devil Wears Prada and thought “Wow, what a strange yet beautiful relationship Meryl and Anne’s characters have” Well Ellen and Patty shit all over that relationship and embody the most disturbing boss/employee relationship EVER!!!
The series shifts timelines throughout each season which allows the audience to see what happens in the future- but only little snippets. As a season progresses you get a clearer picture of what is going to happen in the future. Make no mistakes these clips are not spoiler alerts, your mind will be fucked so hard it will need an ice pack.
I never do hours upon hours of show marathons, Damages was the exception you will want answers and you will want them fast.
A thrilling show, watch if you love legal dramas like Good Wife or if you just want to see rich men get beat down by Glenn Close.