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December 2012

MUSIC- Where are PCD?

Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts was rumoured to be one of the new presenters of XFactor USA and then she randomly appears on I’m A Celeb (congrats on coming second). All this had me wondering what happened to the restructuring of PCD. A while ago I posted about how the girls will be appearing in a superbowl advert and then new material would be released soon after. In true PCD style no new material came to light. Whoever is in charge of their scheduling need a bitch slap.

From what I have gathered, there has been yet another change to the line up with member Chrystina Sayer leaving (she released a single Alive CHECK IT OUT). Fellow Girlicious member Natalie Nicole Mejia replaced her but then got pregnant and was replaced by Emmalyn Estrada (who now?). This new reboot of the group is cursed.  Remember now, they haven’t released anything since 2009.

I’m thinking all the originals should give it a go (why not they have tried everything else) with the exception of Nicole Scherzinger because I am thinking there is too much bad blood there. I have heard Melody Thornton’s solo EP and the girl can sing. I’m sure the girls are dying to show what they can really do without Nicole around.



MUSIC- Tamar rises up the charts thanks to Gaga

Tamar Being friends with Lady Gaga has its perks, Tamar Braxton’s new single Love and War has scored a number 1 on Itunes in the US and UK.  Gaga promoted the single via her twitter and the single sky-rocketed to the top of the charts.

The single was released only 24 hours when it reached number one. I’m not a fan of the song but Tamar sounds amazing as usual. I was expecting something a little more edgy from Toni’s little sister. Saying that I’m liking the sound of another of her singles Hot Sugar. 

The single Love and War is from Tamar’s long awaited second album, with all the publicity from Gaga and both her reality shows Tamar is sure to be sticking around.

MUSIC- Tulisa’s new album sells 7,000 copies….eeeek

the female boss

What went wrong??? The lead single Young went straight to number one and now this… We have heard the new album and we think Tulisa is releasing the wrong singles. Forget Sight of You, the next single should have been British Swag or Visa. 

They are very Ibiza-type dance singles similar to Young and would have been hits. They would have also allowed Tulisa to be more creative with her performance on-stage this past weekend on the X-Factor, something a bit more entertaining than her just singing on a box.

If you’re a fan of Tulisa and N-Dubz it is definitely worth checking out.

NEWS- Is Tyra throwing shade at Rupaul’s Drag Race??

throwing shade
throwing shade

Eeek was Ms. Banks throwing shade on Watch What Happens Live a couple of weeks ago. Tyra was questioned by host Andy Cohen on whether she would appear as a guest judge on Rupaul’s Drag Race. Tyra replied with a catty remark on how confusing it would be for her to appear on a show spoofing America’s Next Top Model.

Hmm in our opinion, Rupaul’s Drag Race is an entirely different show. How is drag queens lip syncing for their lives a spoof of a bunch of wannabe models getting their photos taken every week? I would consider the show more of an homage than anything.

What do you think? Was Ms. Banks trying to read a bitch…..

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