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October 2012

MOVIES- Sinister

When is moving into a new house ever a good thing in a horror film?

The last couple of films I have seen with this scenario have never ended well cough *House At The End Of The Street* and pretty much the whole first season of American Horror Story. Realtors need to come together and promote moving houses because at this rate it is becoming taboo.

Of course with a C.V. like Paranormal Activity and Insidious you know this film is going to be scary. The eery videos of families being brutally murdered are just spine tingling and make you want to check for the nearest exit. You will jump unfortunately not as much as I wanted.  I was hoping for more scares like  the amount in Insidious,  that movie nearly made me pass out from all the heavy breathing I was doing.

There is a great mystery element to this film, a whole background of information behind all these strange videos that include : missing children, brutal serial murders and supernatural beings. It is all brought together brilliantly with the guise of  our protagonist Ethan Hawke wanting to write a book on a murder that happened in the home that he currently lives in. To me that plot is gold, it is like Jessica Fletcher just mosied into town and is now being haunted.

This movie is brilliance and will get you amped up for Halloween or even the new Paranormal Activity film. It will also make you look at a lawnmower in a completely different way.


LIFE- Where have you been???

Wondering where have I been? Probably not but here is the reason anyway.

I have spent the last couple of months working on my thesis. Thank god I got it done, so hopefully you will be getting a lot more updates out of me. The title of my thesis was “The use of stereotyping in the depiction of gay males in Irish contemporary cinema” I never want to see another gay film ever in my life.

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