Check out the new line up for the Pussycat Dolls, the girls have no single out but it will be interesting to hear.

Can the girl group survive in the music industry without the strong vocals of Nicole Scherzinger.

Some of the talent involved in Pussycat Dolls 2.0 is  Chrystina Sayers from Robin Antin previous creation Girlcious, Lauren Bennet (another of Antin’s didn’t quite make it girl groups Paradiso Girls and Paula Van Oppen (a previous contestant in So You Think You Can Dance and starred in LaurieAnn Gibson’s reality show Dance Scene).

I know two of these girls have some kick ass vocals so will be cool to see how well they gel together.

I find the thing with Antin’s girl groups is that the usually have a lot of hype and then they go quiet to release their album with hardly any publicity. A prime example of this is having the girls in a recent Superbowl advert, this would have been seen by millions but do the girls have a single out? NO??

It would have been perfect to hear a little snippet of a new song in the advert with the single being released a week later. Hopefully Antin has something brewing to promote these girls. We will be watching