Plain and simple, this movie really tested my attention span. The first 7 minutes was amazing, only for its music and for its nail biting moments. And then it went downhill from there. 

Hardly any dialogue, some of the shots stayed on too long that it made it look like the film just froze, I heard Drive was critically acclaimed, I am assuming that those who liked it had wood for Ryan Gosling. 

To sum the film up it has awkward silences, random killings, betrayals and some good driving. I was hoping it would into a dark version of Herbie Fully Loaded and that is bad because I am not a big fan of racing cars movies. 

What saved this film was its soundtrack. If you’re looking for music to cruise for bitches this is the album for you. 

If you want some lingering shots of a mute Ryan Gosling, this is the movie for you.