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November 2011

OFFBEAT- Bloody Mary Dance WERK!!!!

This is what we like to think we look like on the dancefloor. A girl can dream
Check out this amazing dance routine to Lady Gaga Bloody Mary.


NEWS- Double Elimination X-Factor

Hold on tight to your skinny jeans Frankie because this week on X-Factor there is going to be a double elimination.
In an obvious move to score ratings after they lost out to Strictly last week, two acts will be leaving the show on Sunday.It’s the best decision they have made all year.
It’s about time they get rid of the novelty acts and start a serious competition. With the surprise elimination of Sophie last week, it has gotten the acts working harder.
Here is hoping that the judges put more effort into constructive criticism than bitching at each other.Kelly will be returning to her judging seat this week. The theme is club classics, this will force some of the acts to show us something different. (cough cough JANET).
Who do you think is going?

NEWS- Glee gets a new Villain

Sue Sylvester isn’t the only one spreading hate this season, Glee is welcoming a new resident bitch.
It comes in the form of Sebastian, a student of Dalton Academy. He has his eyes on Blaine and drama is sure to ensue.
Being described as the polar opposite to Kurt, Sebastian is about to go bitch crazy on their relationship. We are hoping that Sebastian turns out to be the gay man’s answer to Santana.

Sebastian is introduced in the season 3 episode ‘The First Time’
We’ll be tuning in.

MUSIC- ANTM’s Hidden Musical Gem

Who knew that Allison Harvard (my all time favourite contestant on America’s Next Top Model) could sing. In their recent challenge the models had to record a song and music video (God knows why). But Allison surprised us all with this little gem.

The song is quick but it will stick with you, it’s got the haunting factor. Allison needs to put modelling to the side and work on a music career because this shit will sell.

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