It is not a surprise that 2 Broke Girls is becoming an instant hit this season. To be honest that show had hit written all over it. With Kat Dennings involved the show was bound to bring the funnies. She was the ‘Who is that funny chick?’ in this summer’s blockbuster Thor.

Why does 2 Broke Girls work?
In these times of the dark depression when everybody is losing their jobs, its time we laughed at how broke we are getting. Enter 2 Broke Girls. It tells both sides of the recession, the ones when we hit reality and we need to save in the character of Manhattan socialite Caroline. Then there is Max who is working constantly just to make ends meet.

The show puts light on the subject of recession. It pushes the idea of making fun of yourself when it comes to your financial problems. Both actresses have great comedic timing and the show has great potential for several seasons to come. (It just got picked up for a full season, Well done girls)
The sarcastic tone of the Max clashes amazingly with the gullible persona that Carolina portrays. It just makes for good TV.

If you’re looking for something to lighten your stress then watch 2 Broke Girls. And remember it could be worse, I could have a horse in my backyard making the place smell like shit.