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October 2011

TELEVISION- American Horror Story – All kinds of messed up-

The creator of Glee, Nip/Tuck and the much missed Popular has another hit on his hands. American Horror Story debuted to 3.2 million people viewers, the highest debut in the network’s history.

The premise of the show has been shrouded in secrecy since it got commissioned. And whenever anything is secret, people just lose their head and need to know NOW. Somebody has been taking tips from JJ Abrams with his trailer for Super 8.

The show tells the story of a family who move into a house with a dark past  (briefly touched on at the start) and creepy neighbours. Everybody loves it when some kid comes into your house and tells you ‘you’re going to die in there’. That is enough to make me want to get my stuff and get to hell out of town. But of course they got this house on the cheap, so they aren’t leaving (damn recession).

In the first episode there was

  • Loads of blood
  • Loads of Dylan McDermott ass shots
  • Some weird old lady who looks young to certain people
  • A creepy girl who leaves next door
  • A guy who roams the house in a gimp suit

The family is all kinds of messed up so that in itself is entertaining to watch.  What really draws the viewer in, is the duplicity of the characters who introduce themselves to the family in their new household. You can tell everybody has a back story that is going to be so F’D up you won’t understand it properly.

The show has  both supernatural and drama (concerning bullying and marital issues)  aspects to it. I don’t think it will go too offtrack with the supernatural elements that it becomes unbelievable.  The normal family issues in the shows are even enough to keep you watching.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have an amazing ability to create greatly flawed characters but make them really likeable. Look at Rachel Berry, she is selfish and conceited and yet you want to be her best friend.

If you liked the Amityville Horror and Nip/Tuck its definitely a watch for you.


MUSIC- Loud Tour!!! Rihanna ‘amazing voice, dodgy personality’

Going to Rihanna’s concert, I was thinking this girl is going to be hilarious. I always checked out her twitter and she came across so funny and full of attitude. None of that was present at the concert, I still want to meet whoever is in charge of her twitter though, they are HIGH-LARE.

Rihanna gave a small amount of effort to interacting with the crowd. HI DUBLIN, I CAN’T HEAR YOU DUBLIN!!! and ARE YOU STILL THERE DUBLIN? No Rihanna, we all went to the toilet while you changed into your fifteenth outfit. She had plenty of chances to say something funny (I was hoping she’d mention the farmer who told her to cover up) but she didn’t. I just kept thinking, is this a chick a robot? does everything the same every night and only the name of the country changes.

Apart from her lack of personality, her voice was amazing and she kicked ass in all the dance routines. She did a rendition of Prince’s Darling Nikki which I have never heard of and am now obsessed with. I loved the routine and Rihanna resembling the scary puppet from the Saw Franchise. I loved her dancers especially the blonde one. They had loads of energy and I felt they embraced the crowd better than Rihanna herself.
The set was amazing, from the tank, the moving band set up to the soaring piano at the finale. The outfits were classic Rihanna, even though there was plenty of them.

Apart from the gimicks ‘OMG, I have always wanted to do a mexican wave, and now I have’ Crock of shit Rihanna, I am sure you pulled that shit somewhere else.
Leaving the instrumentals of Take A Bow playing with nobody onstage. Very cleverly done, who’d know we would sing along. Enter the emotional Rihanna, speechless and taken back she sits on the edge of stage and talks to us about how close she feels to us. All because we sang the lyrics to her song. Oh Rihanna, I would done the exact same thing except…..people would have believed me. Let’s hope your performance in Battleship is better.

If Rihanna said one thing hilarious, I would have hugged her with open arms. Rihanna if your listening, buy a joke book.

NEWS- Judges for Rupaul’s Drag Race Revealed

Our little gay heart has been on overdrive since finding out the latest Rupaul News.
Amber Riley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, Loretta Devine, and Kelly Osbourne are just some of the judges for the upcoming season of Rupaul’s Drag Race.
Season 4 starts on Logo in January 2012

TELEVISION- Feel rich when watching 2 Broke Girls

It is not a surprise that 2 Broke Girls is becoming an instant hit this season. To be honest that show had hit written all over it. With Kat Dennings involved the show was bound to bring the funnies. She was the ‘Who is that funny chick?’ in this summer’s blockbuster Thor.

Why does 2 Broke Girls work?
In these times of the dark depression when everybody is losing their jobs, its time we laughed at how broke we are getting. Enter 2 Broke Girls. It tells both sides of the recession, the ones when we hit reality and we need to save in the character of Manhattan socialite Caroline. Then there is Max who is working constantly just to make ends meet.

The show puts light on the subject of recession. It pushes the idea of making fun of yourself when it comes to your financial problems. Both actresses have great comedic timing and the show has great potential for several seasons to come. (It just got picked up for a full season, Well done girls)
The sarcastic tone of the Max clashes amazingly with the gullible persona that Carolina portrays. It just makes for good TV.

If you’re looking for something to lighten your stress then watch 2 Broke Girls. And remember it could be worse, I could have a horse in my backyard making the place smell like shit.

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