The concept of this show H8R is that celebrities confront their biggest haters so they can change their minds. The overall message of it is good, “Don’t talk shit about somebody you don’t know”. Unfortunately the way they do it, is just really bad.
At first they make the celebrity piss the hater off more, in a hidden camera style setting. Then they get the celebrity to confront them by asking why they hate.
Personally I think they are just making them hate more. Who wants to be owned on national television? At the end of the day, who are they going to blame for their humiliation? The celebrity!!!
If they really wanted to go all Oprah on this, they should have confronted them straight away instead of winding them up beforehand. Then they make the hater follow the celebrity round like a shadow for the day. They can make their own mind up by the end of the episode. I just found the celebrity trying to impress them annoying. Why on earth should they try to impress the hater? it’s not their fault they spend their time bitching about them.
And then to really Oprah it up, they should make them watch a really sad documentary about bullying. They need to emphasize the whole bullying aspect more on this show.
Eva Longoria managed to appear on the show (god knows why), I had a feeling she squeezed them into her schedule. I mean how easy, she had the hater come to her restaurant and for her whole episode she never left the restaurant. It probably took an hour of her time. Anyway she mentioned bullying and she didn’t antagonize the hater. I don’t think she would have been up for being a bitch. It’s Eva!!! She is the saving grace of the show so far, I hope they follow her direction and do less of the making the hater hate them more.
I will be watching for Janice Dickinson and maybe Kim Kardashian, otherwise I will skip it. If your favourite celebrity is on it watch it, otherwise its not worth looking out for.