I can’t tell you how incredibly biased this review is going to be simply because I adore Sarah Michelle Gellar.

CW just broadcasted its new show Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar on the 13th of September. Sarah plays twins (Two Sarahs, hell yes I’m watching) who are estranged for reasons unknown to the viewer. Alot of shit goes down in the first episode, I will quickly summarize just to peak your interests without giving too much away. Bridget (Twin 1) is due to testify in court against a mob boss but pussys out last minute and goes on the run to visit her twin. Siobhan (Twin 2) is all smiles (kind of) when she reunites with Bridget. Smiles turns to tears when Siobhan commits suicide by jumping ship on a random boat ride they venture on. Things go real messy when Bridget decides to steal Siobhan’s identity to hide from the authorities and the mob boss looking to beat her ass for trying to testify against him. And then another twist happens by the time the credits roll and your jaw hits your floor with a big ole WTF!!!

Positives about this show:
The writers ability to create realistic twists and turns and not confuse the audience. If the show continues with this kind of pace its sure to draw in an audience who love a good mystery.
Sarah Michelle Gellar!!! the girl is playing two characters at the same time. It’s amazing to look at, they interact so well with each other and yet you know its just her.

Negatives about this show:
Oh god that boat scene, who on earth goes on a boating trip with somebody you’ve pissed off in the past. Are you looking to get your ass fed to the sharks? Plus it looked a bit dodgy, the boat was jumping like crazy and those twins didn’t seem to move an inch. Unless their feet were nailed to ground I’m confused by their ability to stand sturdy on a bumpy boat.
CW!!! I don’t even know if this is the right network to have this show on. It’s lined up with shows like Secret Circle, 90210 and Gossip Girl. It feels like its reaching out to an audience that won’t entertain it as much as networks like ABC with similar shows like Desperate Housewives, but with the new president in charge I am assuming he is trying to change things up.

Credit should be given to this show, because I am obsessed even after only watching one episode.