It’s that time of the year when we visit that famous zip code. So what is the deal with everyone???

Just as Naomi was getting some depth thanks to her new intellectual beau, he bails!!! and with him brings forth the “I don’t give a flying fuck Naomi” We always seem to find her at the start of every season. Season 2 was “I don’t give a flying fuck my boyfriend cheated with my friend” and then Season 3 was “I don’t give a fuck that my teacher raped me”. You would think Naomi would learn you’re soon going to give a fuck.
Plus another bad boy peaking her interest, get a new type Naomi.

Who knows what is going on with this girl? I always have a question mark around this girl, I never get her motives. She is pissed Liam bailed on her well he is back and wants her. It’s obvious he is sorry, end the guilt trip and stop being a drama queen. I am assuming she is going to fuck around, get screwed around and crawl back to Liam.

I am assuming this season is his search for a focus in life and to brood about Annie.

Apparently Dixon had a moment of clarity and wants to be a DJ, Emmm okay

Navid is playing babysitter for his teenage sister for some reason, who knows why? There was something going on with his father’s ex business partner. I wasn’t really paying attention which is never good, take heed Navid!!! Step it up or I will may fast forward you.

Silver may have gained a new mental disorder Schizophrenia. I just found her whole interaction with Adrianna a bit much. I get it she is a psycho bitch, but roaring at her isn’t going to make her go away. I did like her scene about how Adrianna had her contemplating suicide. I am not sure what Silver is going to be getting up to this season, no clues at all.

Was this before they gave Teddy more episodes because he was hardly in it, he is still coming out to his family. From what I seen, they seem to tying up the gay storyline to kick him off the show. He is supposed to be getting married, so I am confused by how his storyline came across.

Anyone blind could figure what is in store for Ivy. Her boyfriend needs to die already so she can grieve. The wait is a bitch!!! why on earth she married a dying dude is beyond me. She knew him a few months when they got married, no??

Best bit of the show people

If I wanted forgiveness, hello I’VE CHANGED. This is so something I would come up with.