Demi’s new album is shaping to be a totally different sound to what we are used to from her. The album has took a complete turn for me comparing this to Skyscraper (the first single off the album), I was expecting loads of ballads and some pop rocky songs. This is totally different from Skyscraper and her original sound.  The song is very urban, which is  what you would expect from Timbaland. Its very catchy and I can see myself belting out the song (not very well but still would) and dancing to this in a club. If it hits both of them notes for me, I am sold.

The collaborations for this album is so unlike Demi aswell, she is working with artists like Dev, Missy Elliot, Ryan Tedder and Iyaz.  I think I am just used to her working with Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas and some other Disney star.

This album is definitely giving Kelly Clarkson’s new album a run for its money. I am not even going to touch on her new single “Mr. Know It All” it was such a disappointment, it sounds more like a B-Side than the first single off a new album. To be truthful, I have such high expectations for her that when I’m not in awe I will just walk on her face to teach her a lesson.

Demi’s new album Unbroken drops on the 20th of September.

PS: No doubt the youtube video I have embed in this post will be removed. Girl has her peeps reporting it, but as soon as an offical version is released. check it out.