The worst thing to happen to television since Felicity cut her hair was when Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended. Fear not, Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on television with Ringer. The show is getting alot of hype mainly down to Gellar’s return to television but the show has alot of potential. Gellar plays twins Siobhan and Bridget who has lost contact. Recovering alcoholic Bridget on the run from a mob boss flees to her sister’s home. Both sisters begin to repair their relationship when Siobhan goes missing, Bridget fearing her life switches places with Siobhan to hide from the mob boss.

That is alot to take in and that is probably the first 15 minutes, the show is taking on genre of film noir which in true film noir fashion includes characters who aren’t who they seem, mysterious murders, secrets and betrayals.
This is definitely one to watch. It airs September 13th on the CW.

New Girl
This show stars Zooey Deschanel as a geeky 20 year old who has just been dumped by her boyfriend. She moves in with three guys who help her to date again.
The trailer for the show is hilarious and makes references to Dirty Dancing which is always a winner. Who doesn’t love a naive girl who randomly sings with hot model friends.
The first episode airs September 20th on Fox.

“This story is not about forgiveness”
Revenge is about a girl who moves back to the Hamptons seeking revenge on the people who destroyed her family. From the looks of the promo, this show has an air of Desperate Housewives meets Gossip Girl.
Everybody has secrets and this girl is ready to use them to her advantage. The promotion for this show has been very unique, the creators of the show gave away the script for free to use on a Kindle. They must be pretty confident about the show if they are giving away the script before it even airs.
It will be airing starting the 21st of September on ABC

This show follows a cop played by Poppy Montgomery (loved her in Without A Trace) who suffers from hyperthymesia which means she remembers everything. Can you say Lucky Bitch!!!! She uses her ability to solve crimes, remembering crime scenes and witness testimonies comes in handy. The only thing that Carrie (Poppy) can’t remember is her sister’s killer.
The show has a Mentalist air about it, which I love so if you like that show check it out.
The show airs September 20th on CBS.

Other shows to watch out for-

90210 September 13th

ANTM September 14th

The Secret Circle September 15th

Broke Girls September 18th

Glee September 20th

Charlie’s Angels September 22nd

Desperate Housewives 25th

Gossip Girl September 26th