The third instalment in the Cinderella series, Lucy Hale steps foot into a role previously portrayed by Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez. We are again introduced to a teenage girl forced to become a servant for her step mother. The movie focuses on singing ability while the previous films focused on writing and dancing. Lucy’s character is a talented musician hoping to get the attention of a music producer.
Of course, her stepmother and stepdaughter find out and consequently take credit for her voice and song writing skills. The film then goes in a Cyrano de Bergerac’s direction with her stepsister taking her cues while working with the producers’ son.

The film is entertaining for what it was, if your expecting anything different from the previous films look elsewhere. As with the first two films you want to see the step mother eat shit, so you’re bound to watch to the end.
The lip sync ability in it was kind of atrocious, you’d of thought they could have spared some of the budget to bring in some drag queens to teach them a few things.

I like Lucy Hale so I was amused plus some of the soundtrack was good. Check out Make You Believe by Lucy Hale and Knocking by Freddie Stroma.