Ah the Lying Game, I have been waiting for this show since reading the book. This show so could have called something else because it is nothing like the book. I mean the characters are the same but the plot is so different.

For one Sutton is dead in the books, I was clearly confused when I didn’t see her bite the dust. Something else different is that the twins meet in the show, that never happened in the books. I don’t know why ABC didn’t just change character names, the location and a little bit more of the plot to make it differ and they wouldn’t have to pay rights. But props to Sara Shepard for getting another show commissioned.

Apart from the differences, its pretty good. So far it hasn’t taken queues from shows like Pretty Little Liars and Lost and have a crazy amount of mysteries. Shows like that lose viewers because if you miss one episode or forget a plot point your kind of fucked. The show doesn’t have the appeal of PLL, as the main character is pretty much alone, its a rare moment when you know what they’re thinking. If more emphasis is put on the girls that Emma has to be friends with, the show may grow into something more.

If the show goes in the direction of the book (killing Sutton for one) shit would get real and people would tune in.