Take The Money And Run has me screaming at the television at the mere stupidity of some of the people who take part on it. The premise of the show is to hide a briefcase in 1 hour. The cops who pick you up see where you went in your car, see who you called or texted and see what you spent your money on. In the briefcase is 100,000 dollars if they find it within 48 hours you lost and the cops get to keep it. Simple right? Throw that briefcase somewhere and talk out your ass for 48 hours, well for some people that seems to be a difficulty.

The ever charming Paul and Mary (the interrogators) are going to grill your ass like you’re shitting gold. Mary seems all kind and caring but lie to her and she treats you like a serial rapist. Their tactics have been so intense they have brought many to tears, what are these intense tactics I speak of? Well they took some dude’s toothpaste and he had a major meltdown. The poor thing locked up for 48 hours and now no toothpaste, in hindsight if he kept his cool he could have bought a shop full of toothpaste.

The creators of this show have very craftily chosen their competitors, they are full of schemes but as soon as they are questioned they just shut down and have a mental breakdown. If the show keeps going at the pace they are going to have to rename the show “How To Break A Bitch Down”.

The show is worth looking at even just to see how Mary reacts to liars. She is like Martha Stewart with a gun for a tongue.