Firstly, I wouldn’t bother going to see this in 3D. I remember two instances where it was good and they were very short instances. I am clearly still in awe from the Final Destination 5 effects, if your going to do 3D at least do it well and frequent.

Toni Collette was in this movie so of course I loved it, any scene that she made an appearance was stellar. Especially when shit got real and Toni gets into a car chase. The main character Charley brought me back to my youth, the dude sounds like Luke Perry no wonder the boy is bound to get laid.

Colin Farrell as the sadistic vampire next door is funny as hell. He is jumping on the “If you suck, let’s fuck” bandwagon. Vampires are all the rage and by all the rage I mean, they are sexy as hell and every bad boy lover wants a bite. He is evil and yet you want to cuddle him until he changes his way.

And of course, Christopher Mintz-Plasse makes an appearance with his usual 2 cents. Does he have it in his contract to say pussy and fuck in all his movies? To sum it up that was pretty much his dialogue, well that and the impending vampire doom. Although that was pretty much his spiel, it was hilarious and added to the ‘lets not take ourselves seriously’ theme that was present in the film.

All in all, the movie was funny, a tad bit scary at times but the 3D sucked ass.