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September 2011

MOVIES- The Green Lantern

I have no idea what to think of this movie. I love any superhero film but this seemed like a hit or a miss in places. The special effects were amazing but very frequent, sometimes you want a bit of calm and then an explosion of CGI.
I didn’t like the enemies of the movie, one had daddy issues and the other looked like the leftovers of the baddie from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. These two villians are just fails for me, they were both intangible and this creates a lack of proper interaction with the superheroes.

What saved the film for me was the character of Sinestro, his descent into evil should make for an interesting sequel. They will be equal in strength and skill. A battle of Will verses Fear.
If your a fan of the comics and of the general superhero genre, check it out as its worth a look.


MUSIC- Cher, you’re right up my street!!!

Hate her or love her, Cher Lloyd is making some pretty cool music. Following her success with Swagger Jagger comes Cher’s new single With your Love. Similar to her first single its got an infectious melody, you can’t help sing along. It’s slower and has less teenagery theme than Swagger Jagger. Mike Posner might as well have not been in this. He was in and out in 15 seconds which is never good in any kind of situation.
From what I have heard of the album samples, its going to be a hit especially Dub on the Track.
No release date has been confirmed!!! Get a move on.

FASHION- One to Watch: Anya Ayoung-Chee

We always wanted to be a random bitch in a hip hop video!!! So naturally when we seen the Pilar collection by Anya Ayoung-Chee we fell in love. Anya Ayoung-Chee has been featured on the newest season of Project Runway, so we did a little digging (which we wouldn’t recommend if you don’t want to see project runway spoilers).
In the past she has worked on her clothing line PILAR, we had a gander at 2010 collection and loved it. It is a very urban eclectic look with clear inspiration from her home country Trinidad.
If we were born with a vagina, we would be werking alot of her clothes.

TELEVISION- Hate on me H8R

The concept of this show H8R is that celebrities confront their biggest haters so they can change their minds. The overall message of it is good, “Don’t talk shit about somebody you don’t know”. Unfortunately the way they do it, is just really bad.
At first they make the celebrity piss the hater off more, in a hidden camera style setting. Then they get the celebrity to confront them by asking why they hate.
Personally I think they are just making them hate more. Who wants to be owned on national television? At the end of the day, who are they going to blame for their humiliation? The celebrity!!!
If they really wanted to go all Oprah on this, they should have confronted them straight away instead of winding them up beforehand. Then they make the hater follow the celebrity round like a shadow for the day. They can make their own mind up by the end of the episode. I just found the celebrity trying to impress them annoying. Why on earth should they try to impress the hater? it’s not their fault they spend their time bitching about them.
And then to really Oprah it up, they should make them watch a really sad documentary about bullying. They need to emphasize the whole bullying aspect more on this show.
Eva Longoria managed to appear on the show (god knows why), I had a feeling she squeezed them into her schedule. I mean how easy, she had the hater come to her restaurant and for her whole episode she never left the restaurant. It probably took an hour of her time. Anyway she mentioned bullying and she didn’t antagonize the hater. I don’t think she would have been up for being a bitch. It’s Eva!!! She is the saving grace of the show so far, I hope they follow her direction and do less of the making the hater hate them more.
I will be watching for Janice Dickinson and maybe Kim Kardashian, otherwise I will skip it. If your favourite celebrity is on it watch it, otherwise its not worth looking out for.

NEWS- The XXX Factor: Porn Scandal

x Factor star Lascel Wood seedy porn past has come into light since making to the judge’s houses. Poor thing, we have to say if you’re going to audition for X Factor make sure you have no skeletons in your closet.
Least he knows when his X Factor chances fail, he has a career in porn waiting.
PS: We want to know what this sex act was. It’s been described as vile??? Who knew Lascel liked a bit of kink

NEWS- Another Sugababe leaves???

How many versions of this band have there been now? The rumor mill is going wild that Jade Ewen has left the group. This group is cursed, who is to blame now?

With Jade leaving the band, they will have to re-record vocals for all their new songs. Good luck with that one girls.

Sugababes fans take a breather, the rumor mill was going wild last night. The sugababes still consist of Jade, Heidi and Amelle.

NEWS- 27.7 million viewers tune in for Two And a Half Men

Despite losing one of the main characters Two and A Half Men scored a series high rating of over 27 million. The show has had amazing coverage and press due to Charlie Sheen’s breakdown so it wasn’t a big surprise. Everybody wants to know how they dealt with his character’s sudden departure. Next week will tell whether fans are holding on or where they just curious of what the first episode could hold.

NEWS- ABC drops State of Georgia renews Pretty Little Liars

The most underrated comedy show of the summer ‘State of Georgia’ has been dropped by ABC Family. Hopefully Raven will find her feet soon or we will end up seeing up as a corpse on Law And Order. Also dropped by ABC Family was Nine Lives Of Chloe King, pinned to be the new Buffy the vampire slayer it failed to make any dent in the ratings.

The network did do good by renewing Make It Or Break It, Switched At Birth, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Pretty Little Liars. It also added another 10 episodes to The Lying Game.

NEWS- Shangela returns to T.V

After her pilot wasn’t picked up we thought we had heard the last from Rupaul’s Drag Race star Shangela. WRONG!!! The Nancy Drew of Drag will be shashaying onto the set of Community this season playing drag queen Miss Urbana Champaign.

Who needs to win reality competitions anymore? It’s what you do after them that counts. Hear that eliminated models of ANTM?

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