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NEWS ROUNDUP- King of Queens 2.0

What started as a guest appearance is now a series regular gig for Leah Remini. Remini starred in the two part finale of her former co-star Kevin James’ series Kevin Can Wait. Remini and James previously worked together on King of Queens. 
Their successful partnership is obviously something the network couldn’t pass on so Leah will return next season in a more permanent role. Kevin Can Wait should just be called King of Queens 2.

This comes after Remini’s pilot What About Barb? failed to make it onto the fall schedule. 


NEWS ROUNDUP- Netflix cancellations continue, Sackett Sisters not picked up by NBC

If you believed all your favourite Netflix shows were immune to cancellation than you were gravely mistakened. 

In the last two weeks, Netflix has crushed hearts by canning The Get Down and most recently today Sense8. 

The series ended on a cliffhanger and we may never see justice for the sensates in the nearby future. This is rather disappointing because from my perspective the series could have been finished in one bumper episode like thw Christmas special. 

Although Bloodline was confirmed to be ending, the series finale has baffled fans far and wide. Did we really see the Rayburns get their comeuppance or do we have to assume it? It wasn’t a satisfying end by any means. 

Netflix’s CEO has come out and said that “Our hit ratio is way too high right now,”. “So, we’ve canceled very few shows … I’m always pushing the content team: We have to take more risk; you have to try more crazy things. Because we should have a higher cancel rate overall.” 

Seems like they are making room for more riskier projects. Not sure how Sense8 wasn’t seen as their riskiest show.  It featured a highly diverse ensemble cast whose filming spanned the world, covered issues like gender, sexuality and race. How was Sense8 not a risky project, the mind boggles. 

The petitions and twitter hounding for Busy Philipps and Casey Wilson’s new pilot Sackett Sisters to get picked up has come to an end. Busy confirmed via her Instagram stories that the project will not be going ahead. NBC has passed on it. 

Once the show wasn’t announced for NBC’s fall schedule, Philipps started a campaign to pick the show up. 

Sackett Sisters followed two estranged sisters who perform an act of public heroism and must deal with their new found fame. It was to be exec produced by Tina Fey so hello why didn’t this happen. SHAME ON YOU NBC. 

NEWS ROUNDUP- Snow White film controversy, Supergirl’s ‘Reign’ cast! 

Promotional material for the new animated film Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs has been released and people are not happy.

The film is about the famous character Snow White wearing magical red shoes that change her appearance. The caption of the poster reads ‘What if Snow White was no longer beautiful’. This message is horrific considering Snow White in this feature isn’t a stick figure. So should we believe that according to this children’s film that anyone with a few pounds on them is ugly ??

The film stars Chloe Grace Moretz and Gina Gershon, hopefully we will see a more positive body message being pushed in future posters.

Moretz has responded to the poster since and doesn’t seem happy either.

Sounds like there might be more to this film’s plot than what the poster is showing.

This years Supergirl finale teased the appearance of Reign. In its final scene, some sort of gentically modified being followed baby Kara’s evacuation ship and fans wondered their identity. All signs pointed to Reign a Wordkiller. Think of her as the female version of Doomsday.

News has come that Reign has been cast, Odette Annable will be taking on the role. Her biggest role was in Cloverfield. It will be interesting to see whether she will a hidden adversary to Kara or will she be in full Reign makeup ready to pick a fight in episode one.

Considering her role is a series regular, I’m assuming Reign doesn’t know her true heritage so expect a slow reveal of Reign.

NEWS ROUNDUP- Sense8 Renewal, Wonder Woman Reviews are in. 

Word has come from Brian J. Smith one of the main stars of the Netflix series Sense8 that the show may get the axe.

The series has yet to be renewed but the cast are still under contract for a potential third season. This is a expensive move to keep a cast on hold despite no actual official renewal.

Fans have been tweeting up a storm ever since to ensure a renewal. Some may say that it is a loss cause but NBC’s Timeless was officially canned to be renewed days later due to fans petitioning for its renewal.

If the series were to be cancelled it would follow in the footsteps of The Get Down and Marco Polo.

The reviews for Wonder Woman are in and the majority are positive. This is one of the first DC films in a long while to not be massacred by reviewers. Wonder Woman is rumored to take a more lighter tone than we seen in Batman V Superman which was particularly sombre. It has gotten the best rotten tomato score than any other DC or Marvel film.

Hopefully with the good reviews we will see people running to see it in the cinema. We haven’t seen a female comicbook superhero helm a major superhero film since Catwoman and Elektra graced our screens. And we all know how well they did 😦

NEWS ROUNDUP- Scandal Episode Count, Kim Kardashian on WWHL

Scandal is ending its run next year with a final seventh season. Today it has been announced that it will end with 18 episodes.  They packed in a bunch of drama, twists and turns this year in its sixth season with 16 episodes so I can see them ending with a BANG! 

This will be the second  Shonda Rhimes project to finish up recently. The Catch was cancelled this year after two seasons. 

Kim Kardashian appeared on Watch What Happens Live and took part in Plead the Fifth. Andy asked Kim what is the chance of her mother Kris Jenner speaking to her ex Caitlin Jenner. 

Kim quickly replied 2 percent and that two represents Kendall and Kylie. The reply is not surpising considering Caitlin has bashed Kris again in her new tell all book. 

TELEVISION- Sizing up Rachel’s bachelors! #TheBachelorette

It’s that time again! Who will win Rachel’s heart this year on the Bachelorette? Lets review how the guys sold came off as they popped out that limo. 

Kenny: He looks haggard and a professional wrestler. I don’t know about this one. 

Jack Stone: Seems genuine, the whole story about his mother is a bit much. Is he looking for Rachel to stand in?

Alex: Looks he was able to crush his face in with those dumbbells. Obviously lied about how much he can bench which is worrying already. HE A LIAR GIRL

Mohit: Hmm 2 seconds in and he talking about his start up! Definitely trying to promo that #ad

Lucas: How many times was this boy dropped on his head? Whaboom your ass back home please. 

Blake E: Hmm talking about his libido and he much sex he needs in his intro and yet he talks about how it only lasts a half an hour. What is the truth Blake? He was in the live show and definitely came off better meeting her than his intro show.  

Diggy: People who introduce themselves using their nicknames urk me. WHAT IS YOUR ACTUAL NAME THOUGH and let me decide whether I’ll use your nickname. 

Josiah: He is a lawyer aswell which is promising because they’ll have that in common. Also what is up with all these fake court scenes? He may have a bad past but he has obviously changed. Awful story about his brother. 

Peter: He has the same kinda gap as her. He doesnt seem fame hungry like some of these guys.  I can see him going far. 

Bryan: That walk from the limo, you just know he loves himself. This guy is SLICK. 

Rob: Hmmm didn’t show much of this guy, so must be drole. 

Iggy: Nope, there are a few duds this year. Did production genuinely not bother?

Will: Hmm, that entrance. Geek to chic,  Eyebrows raised on that one. 

Bryce: Fireman and good move on wearing the uniform! 

Kyle: A man who bakes, snatch him up Rachel. 

Blake K: I like this one too, seemed like he was looking to replicate the love his grandparents had. 

Brady: Broke the ice, he seems cool. 

Dean: That whole black never go back joke was ridiculous at the Final Rose live show. Sooo dodgy 

Eric: Did they pick the dodge ones for the final rose show? This guy is also another dodgy slick one. 

Demario: Hmm a tad bit too competitive which should raise alarms! Get rid! And a warning from Whitney, DODGE!! 

Fred: Sooo cute, they meet again after all these years. Obviously got in contact with production, bad kid could be a bad guy. 

Jonathan: He is scary as fuck, like American Pyscho scary. And Tickle Monster. Rachel, you in danger girl. 

Lee: Cringe with his fake country singing voice accent. 

Milton: That growl lads… No

Adam: Where did he get that puppet? or is it a dummy, the mouth doesnt even move. What was his motive with that? He just held it. 

Matt: People who wear costumes usually make it through the night, so bravo on that one. 

Grant: Always good to jump out behind an ambulance to make an entrance. Seems nice. 

Anthony: Hmmm Imma make you understand me! Kind of makes it sound like he has problems communicating. Read between the lines Rachel. 

Jamey: Small slot in the show, so he will either slide to the end or booted early. 

Jedidiah: All we got was an biblical reference from this guy. Must 

Micheal: That brownie analogy, errr no! 

TELEVISION- No Speedster Villain for Season 4….YUS

Image result for the flash

After the reveal of yet another speedster Savitar, I am glad they are not having a villian with The Flash’s speed abilities next season. Although it was cool twist **** SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER **** that Savitar was actually future Barry Allen I don’t see another season of him facing a speedster being of any interest to us.

Since season one, Barry Allen has had to increase his speed to defeat his latest foe. First it was Reverse then Zoom and finally Savitar. Thankfully Andrew Kreisburg one of the writers on the Flash confirmed in March of this year that the season four villain will NOT be a speedster.

Why will this be a good thing? No more training scenes of Barry trying to outrun another speedster, no more experiments to help Barry get faster and no more Barry crying about how he isn’t fast enough. This has been a huge plot device for the past three seasons and it has gotten very stagnant.

It is same over on Arrow, with Oliver constantly having to defeat villains who have trained to be assassins just like him. They usually always get their hands on a bow and arrow aswell (side eye).  Similarly with Kara on Supergirl, her big bads have ‘so far’ been Kryptonians or lived next door to Krypton. SNORE

These shows have decades of comics to grab from and they choose villains with similar abilities. BORING!! So with a change coming next season, I hope it stretches to the other shows.

Also lets be glad that we won’t be seeing any of Oliver’s flashbacks in the newest season of Arrow either. That also got old after season two.

TELEVISION- Scream TV Show Plots a Reboot!

Image result for scream tvAfter only two seasons under its belt, the MTV Scream series is already plotting a reboot. That means new cast and new location.

I have to say, it is a good move. Despite Sidney Prescott being hunted down by Ghostface for four movies it just isn’t working for the current group of screamers. With Sidney leaping from high school to college to being a proper adult, we seen a huge span of time between each killing spree. This lot are get a couple of weeks before a new killer arises. Although it is a T.V. show, I have to hold myself back from calling bullshit. So I’m gladly welcoming a reboot.

Another change in Scream’s production is a new showrunner and strangely Queen Latifah is joining as one of the new executive producer. I’ll be interested in seeing the change in the series from Latifah joining.

This is all good news for the next season of Scream. It will consist of a shortened season of 6 episodes.

The only annoying thing about the reboot is the fact we will probably not get a resolution about the apparent return of Brandon James in the last episode. Lets just assume he got as bored of the kids as we did and moved on.



MOVIES- Should Tommy in Power Rangers be Female?


In a Power Rangers Movie mid credits scene, the teens are gathered in their detention hall and their teachers does a roll call. Whose name appears but….Tommy Oliver’s.

Should the film get a sequel we will see somebody take over from Jason David Frank’s as Tommy. But what do we think about them possibly being a woman??

I think it would be an interesting gender flip on the show. .Although we already seen a bad ass female in Rita, I think the fact she is human will really push the Rangers and their moral codes. Can they kill another human? Also I think a female Tommy should be bisexual and should try and seduce Trini. They’ve already opened the door slightly to Trini being queer so they should kick those doors wide open in the sequel.

With the rangers now facing an evil ranger, we could see how Zordon dealt with the same issue. This would be a perfect way to feature  flashbacks of Zordon and Rita when they fell out. I loved that opening scene, more of that would be awesome.

Dacre Montgomery commented on the mystery over the Green Ranger’s identity and the possibility of it being a girl. “It’s left blank. It’s a cliff-hanger. Whoever you’re going to drop into that position — whether it’s a girl — it’s inevitably going to create drama. It’ll be interesting to drop that drama into it and see how we all relate to it and work with it.”

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